Happy Tails: Bug

Even though his name may suggest he’s pesky, nothing could be further from the truth! Words like friendly, playful and affectionate have been used to describe this little Bug. He is also known to be quite the singer, due to his roaring and musical purr! This handsome boy is about two years old and originally from our Dufferin/Ranee colony and has demonstrated to everyone he has met how happy and grateful he is to have been given a chance to have a home.

Heather Page fostered Bug in 2013, until he was adopted that September. She fondly remembers him, “When we got him, he was a year old. He was a very cute and friendly cat. He got along very well with my cat, Jean Luc Picard. They spent lots of time playing and cleaning each other. He also liked human attention. I was studying for my CFA exam and he would sit on the table and watch me, nap, and knock around my pens.”


Heather adds, “He loved to be petted, and would purr in this very bizarre musical chirping kind of way. Very unique, but very sweet. Like Luc, he would sleep on my bed. When my boyfriend went on a holiday with his friend for two weeks, both cats would sleep beside me on the bed each night.”

Heather kept a blog while she was a foster parent, in which she wrote two posts about Bug. One post included a video with Bug’s famous purr which helped him find his forever home with Alison Paprocki.

When asked what made her want to adopt a cat, Alison explains “I was missing having a pet. After I moved I was living with two of my girlfriends, they both had their own cats and I wanted one too. I ended up inheriting one from a family member. Unfortunately, she did awful with the other cats and after a few months I found her a better home.”

Alison’s desire for a cat companion remained, “The next year another girlfriend of mine was moving in, I had mentioned to her I’d really like a cat. While at work she was looking on the Annex Cat Rescue website and saw a video of Bug getting pets and purring. She sent it to me immediately in excitement! I think we both fell in love watching that video. Phone calls were made, papers were signed and he’s been my Bug ever since.”


Bug now lives with Alison, her roommate, and her roommate’s two cats. All the cats get along very well and sometimes all cuddle together.

Alison describes Bug’s personality as “super, super friendly! Bug has a lot of energy, he runs around a lot, and eats a lot; he’s a typical male. He loves everyone! It’s great.”


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