Happy Tails: Spoon (Spumoni)

Spumoni, better known as Spoon, was fostered by ACR volunteer Larissa. Spoon came to her when he was around one year of age and Larisa recalls his wonderful personality. “I was won over when I realized that when he’d play with a toy or string and his paw would come near me, he would immediately retract his claws! He was just naturally so gentle.”

Happy Tails: Spoon - Spumoni

Larissa, hoping that Spoon would be adopted by a friend eventually had Kate persuade Maeve to come over to meet the cat. Maeve, had never owned a pet before that didn’t dwell in a cage or bowl but both women were absolutely smitten once they met this special fellow. Maeve says, “When I met Spoon, I had to hold him. He’s just got such a great demeanour – cuddly, mellow, sweet and friendly.” Once back in the car, she told Kate that they should go for it.

Happy Tails: Spoon - Spumoni

The next day, the couple went to PetSmart and bought all the things that Spoon would need. Immediately, Spoon fit right into their home, “I thought I’d need to sleep with the bedroom door closed for a few weeks before I was comfortable with him having the run of the apartment… turns out it only took one night!” Maeve laughs.

Happy Tails: Spoon - Spumoni

Maeve now describes herself as a proud pet owner, “It seems like he’s been here forever…in a good way,” she states in her blog which details her conversion to a cat lover – and with a cat as affectionate and cuddly as Spoon it’s not hard to see why.

—  Kaitlyn Uniacke

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