Happy Tails: Franky and Frida

When Aleighsa Abraham and her boyfriend first went to visit siblings Franky and Frida in their foster home, the two felines made themselves scarce.

“When we sat down there were other cats playing in the living room and Franky and Frida were hiding,” the 25-year-old Ryerson student says.

“Then (foster owner) Jennifer got them to come out and play. Once they were playing, the other cats left and it was just Franky and Frida. We felt like the other cats and Franky and Frida knew we were there for them.”

Frida and Franky were the last kittens to be adopted from a litter of five who’d been born in a Toronto alleyway and taken in by Annex Cat Rescue. Abraham and her boyfriend had already fallen in love with the tiny tabbies’ pictures. Once they met them, it felt like it was meant to be and they took the kittens home.

HappyTails: Franky & Frida

“They were scared at first and hid for awhile,” Abraham says, “they were already six months old when we got them and were coming from a house that had many other cats for them to play with.”

Frida, who was a little shyer, took a little longer to adapt to her new home – but her brave bro Franky helped her out.

“It was really cute the night we got them. Frankie was more adventurous and kept coming out to see what was going on and exploring, but Frida was hiding. When we went to bed, I looked in the doorway and Franky was standing in front of Frida as if he was saying ‘It’s OK, they’re asleep now!’ ”

Giving Frida and Franky their own room to adjust to the new house helped with their transition. “We would go in and just sit with them and play with them until they felt more comfortable to be around us,” explains Aleighsa, “I would say it took Franky maybe two weeks or so until he started actually coming around and jumping on our bed to be pet while it took Frida about a month or so.”

Patience and love do pay off – three years later, the cats have really come into their own. “Now their personalities definitely shine through. Franky is such a little cuddle monster and Frida loves attention. She is always meowing at us when we’re walking around, wanting some love or food. And when we have people over she will hide at first, then come out and walk in front of the couch as if to say, ‘Look at me! You know I am cute!’ ” Abraham laughs.

HappyTails: Franky & Frida

As first-time adopters, taking in two kittens was a significant undertaking for Abraham and her partner, but the happy family of four has no regrets. “I know my life wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have them,” Abraham states. “They’re both very special cats.”

— Sheena Goodyear

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