Happy Tails: Lola (formerly Tabitha)

In 2012, Tabitha was found living amongst a colony in Kensington Market. It’s presumed that she once had a home due to her gentle nature in foster care, especially during play. Having once lost a home may account for Lola’s great desire for human affection, as her foster Nick Gunz fondly explains, “Once she expanded her territory into the whole apartment she clung to us and was really emotionally giving.” Her affection included sleeping on or beside Nick’s bed at night, and other times sitting on his chest while purring. Nick adds, “she was timid but hands-on, or rather paws-on – she really wanted to snuggle.”

Happy Tails: Lola

Jessica Friedmann & Beny Matrundola, who adopted Tabitha in January 2013, agree that she is the sweetest girl. “Her personality is just fantastic, she’s really adorable,” Jessica gushes of her sweet girl whom they now call Lola.

Initially, Beny thought having a pet might be more responsibility than he wanted, but Jessica managed to convince him otherwise, having grown up with many pets herself. “After a lot of pestering from me, he told me I could pick out a cat as my Christmas gift from him,” Jessica states. Gorgeous Lola, with her beautiful stripes and great green eyes struck Jessica from the start, “I was sold as soon as I saw her, my boyfriend knew…” Since then, Beny & Lola have grown quite close, so much so that Jessica often enters a room only to “catch them cuddling.”

Jessica goes on to describe how much she loves coming home to her little pal, “she comes running out from wherever she is and rolls on her back for a belly rub.” Not only is Lola affectionate, but she’s also known for giving vocal expression to her satisfaction and content, “She’s very talkative, so chatty, always purring and happy,” Jessica exclaims.

One of Jessica and Beny’s favourite things about Lola is that she’s very affectionate and likes to spend a lot of time with them. “She follows us around and always wants to be in the same room and she likes to cuddle and sleep under the blankets with us,” Jessica declares. And from the sounds of it, it’ll be happily ever after for this loving trio.

Happy Tails: Lola

— Alie Marconicchio

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