Happy Tails: Pete and Mille

This adorable brother and sister duo named Pete and Mille found their happily ever after together. Although they shared the same journey, these two are unique in every way.

Mille is described as the more adventurous of the pair by her adoptive parent Simon, “Mille is the one who will take off into the basement for hours at a time so you think she’s lost.” A curious creature, “she gets into everything right away. You’ve barely put a bag down and she’s climbed inside and chewed on everything.” A sassy feline no doubt, Simon says that she was “the first to start bossing us around.”

HappyTails: Mille

Simon however jokingly refers to Pete as “the fat one”, but Pete is a complex cat. The shyer of the two, “Pete will be the one to hide longer when there are guests over, and he doesn’t jump on your lap as much,” Simon says. Simon believes that Pete may have had a more difficult time at the cat colony, causing him to be more nervous and attached. Adds Simon, “Pete is the guy who never leaves your side; as soon as you get home, he just follows you around.”

HappyTails: Pete

Despite being shy at first, Pete and Mille were quick to adjust to their adoptive home. Their new family brought over their toys and belongings from their foster home so that they had familiar things around. Simon recalls, “They hid under the tables and chairs for a little while; it wasn’t until maybe an hour before I got my first head bump on my leg. Within two days, they were comfortable just walking around openly on their own.”

HappyTails: Mille & Pete

It seems that their comfort levels grew quickly from there. Simon thinks back to one of his favorite pictures of the cats, “That one picture of the two of them on the chair and Pete, the fat one, is lying on his back with his legs sticking out looking like a slob – that was taken at about day seven,” he says. “I sent that to the foster caregiver and to some of our friends and said, ‘I think they are settling in just fine.’ Since then, they own the place basically.”

—  Margaret Yu

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