Happy Tails: Hester & Elsa

Adam Johnson is a lucky man.

Cat owners know that patience isn’t normally near the top of the list of feline qualities, but sisters Hester and Elsa – kittens adopted by Johnson through the Annex Cat Rescue two years ago – aren’t most cats.



“They’re very polite in the morning when they want me to get up and feed them,” said Johnson. “One sits at the end of the bed staring at me and the other waits until my alarm goes off before sitting on my chest.”

And patience isn’t the only standard cat trend Hester and Elsa buck. They also play nice with strangers.

“My friend one time brought over his cat and, it’s funny, having had cats before, I expected them to fight or for them to all run and hide, but they all hung around and played,” Johnson said. “So it was kind of weird.”

These weird – but wonderful – traits don’t surprise Jeff Moon, who fostered Hester and Elsa before they were adopted.

“I remember them being amazingly soft cats who were so well behaved for kittens (never got into anything), but were very sociable and loved being in the same room as me,” Moon recalled in an email.

Those social qualities continue on today. Johnson reports the cats are doing great and he couldn’t be happier with his adopted friends.

“They’re really affectionate and really fun,” he said. “They’re really nice cats.”

While not every cat is happy sharing his or her home with another feline, Johnson believes if you can find a pair that will get along then two is certainly better than one.

“You still only need one litter box,” he said. “It’s easy to take care of them and they’re not as lonely. Getting two is a really great idea.”

Thanks to Johnson’s attitude and his welcoming home, Hester and Elsa are plenty lucky as well.

— Edward Fraser

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