Happy Tails: Georgia and Gloria (formerly Peggy Sue and Betty Ann)

Peggy Sue and Betty Ann, now referred to as Georgia and Gloria, were adopted by Elizabeth and her family as tiny kittens from Annex Cat Rescue. Gloria, assertive and forthright in her position as queen of the house, is the dominant one of the pair. In contrast, Georgia is rather laidback and relaxed in roaming the house.

On first sight, the two can easily pass as identical twins. The secret to telling them apart is to know their unique markings. Georgia looks like she is wearing a uniform. In fact, soon after adopting the two kittens, Elizabeth’s kids began referring to Georgia as “Worker Pants,” because the markings on her hind legs look like she’s wearing white pants.

HappyTails: Georgia & Gloria

Both are extremely gentle—they even share a bed with the kids each night. In short, the kitties are simply inseparable from their owners. Thanks to their foster mom Liz, the cats are sociable and friendly, especially with strangers. According to Elizabeth, “Our cats are quick to snuggle up to visitors. They purr and jump up on to their laps in hopes of some tummy rubs—which they always receive without fail! They are all about receiving attention and lots of it!”

Having previously owned cats, Elizabeth says that Gloria and Georgia are quite unique because of their highly protective nature. These two kitties immediately show up when any family member falls sick, ready to shower them with love and snuggles. Furthermore, if one of the kids is feeling down, they are quick to investigate and do everything possible to cheer them up.

To top it off, these two cats are easy on the eyes—they are very beautiful and, as you can see in the accompanying photo, extremely photogenic. Seems like these two truly are the full package!

— By: Vidya Srikanthan

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