Happy Tails: Ted (formerly AK)

As Axl Rose once said: All we need is just a little patience. (Apologies to anyone under the age of 20.)

But as it turns out, patience was the key in the bond formed between Kate and her ACR adopted cat, Ted.

Ted, formerly A.K., was a feral kitten, about six to eight weeks old, captured in the Kennedy and Sheppard area of Toronto. Kate took him in as a foster. Ted’s transition from life on the streets was not a pleasant one. After he spent the first two days under Kate’s couch, she decided it was time for a “faceoff.”

Happy Tails: Ted aka AK

“He didn’t eat, he didn’t use the litter, and I was getting very worried,” said Kate. “So I literally had a faceoff with him. I just lied there in his space, face-to-face, for about five hours. After that, he came around and was a lot more trusting of me.”

Kate, originally from the U.K., had no intention of keeping a cat of her own. She was worried she may return home and not be able to take a feline friend with her. But as time went by, the tie between her and Ted became too strong to sever.

“It took a lot for him to let his guard down and to trust,” said Kate. “He put that faith in me and he was happy and contented. It would have been a big upheaval for him to leave.”

While Ted, now two years old, hasn’t seen his reticence towards strangers completely wash away, he’s doing much better.

“He’s still a little nervy compared to other cats,” said Kate, “but as soon as he knows it’s safe he’ll come up to see them and greet them.”

Happy Tails: Ted aka AK

And part of making acquaintances is introducing guests to his favourite part of the house: Ted has developed an affinity for laying on top of the radiator in Kate’s washroom and when a visitor makes his or her first trip to the commode they often find Ted racing ahead to claim his perch and welcome them.

“He’s the official bathroom greeter,” said Kate with a laugh. But even with his new social skills, Ted’s patient saviour Kate will always be No. 1 in his heart. And vice versa.

“He’s great,” said Kate. “He’s my best friend, my snuggle buddy.

Happy Tails: Ted aka AK

“I couldn’t imagine life without him.”

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