Volunteer Profile: Erin M

volunteer as a feral feeder like Erin

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR?

I was at the DuWest Street festival and stopped at the ACR booth to buy my own cat a toy. While I was at the booth, the volunteers were so friendly and encouraged me to check out the ACR website. I was hooked when I started looking at all the information and immediately applied to volunteer.

How are you helping now? What volunteer position are you filling? What does your work involve?

I am a feral cat feeder in Chinatown. A typical shift is just about an hour of walking the route and placing food and water out for the local ferals. The time commitment is very minimal and while I don’t always get to see a cat, it’s a real treat when I do.

I also volunteer as a transportation driver occasionally. I have had the opportunity to transport some cats to adoption events.

Crazy Legs


Describe a real winning moment for you as an ACR volunteer.

The first time I transported some cats to an adoption event I was thrilled to see the updates on social media about the cats that were being adopted. When I dropped off the cats I had the chance to go around and see who was available for adoption and it was like a little victory each time I saw one pop up in my newsfeed as “Adopted”!

Why do you think people should volunteer with ACR?

I think that if you have a little spare time in your week and love cats then you should consider helping out. The time commitment can be very small, but the impact is so much larger.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering with ACR? What’s your “real” job?

I work at the University of Toronto doing Policy related work. It’s a completely different world.

Besides rescuing cats, what are some of your other hobbies?

I like to be active and play ultimate frisbee and take an adult tumbling class.

Do you live with any ACR cats at the moment? Who and what is their back story?

I have one cat, Grover. He is a male, domestic short-haired, black and brown tabby. I adopted him from the SPCA in Nova Scotia when I lived there. His mother was a stray who was rescued from the streets while pregnant. I had just moved to a new apartment and really wanted to bring home a cat to share my new home with. The first time I saw Grover I knew he was perfect for me, a little shy, but so loving. He’s 10 years old now and has moved many apartments, and provinces, with me!

What cat do you dedicate your volunteer work to and why?

I would dedicate my work to all of the ferals that are around Toronto. They ask for so little and I hope that I can continue to help them.

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Photos courtesy Rondi Adamson

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