Volunteer Profile: Laura L

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR?

I started dating a guy who fostered cats for ACR. Cute guy and cute cats, I couldn’t resist! I started fostering myself soon after, and now we’re living together, and have adopted one of our former foster cats, Camille, and still foster together now.

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How are you helping now? What volunteer position are you filling? What does your work involve?

Currently we’re fosters! We care for cats in our home and treat them like their our own. While everyone always asks if it’s hard to give our foster cats up, I love it! I get to see my cats go to a loving forever home.

While we lived in the area, we also did feedings on the Chinatown feral route. It was great to see another side of Toronto, going through alleys and back paths that aren’t on our normal route. While it wasn’t always fun to do in bad weather, walking through the snow on a cold, quiet evening and seeing a hungry cat waiting for their dinner made it worth while.

Describe a real winning moment for you as an ACR volunteer.

My first foster cat, Fergie, had had a tough life and was very scared around new people. But I finally wore her down with tentative petting and lots of treats, and she came to love snuggling with me. When she went to her forever home, and finally settled in with her new family, I was so happy!

As well, one of family members cat-sat for our former foster cat Otis while we traveled through Central America for a month. Halfway through our trip, they’d decided to welcome Otis into their forever home, and he has really become a member of their family.

Why do you think people should volunteer with ACR?

Volunteering with ACR is perfect for anyone with a bit of an unsettled life but who still wants to help cats and kittens. Whether you’re a student, or are considering moving abroad, or worried about having a child and a pet, fostering temporarily is a great way to give an animal a great home without committing to a long term situation.

Do you live with any ACR cats at the moment? Who and what is their back story?

I live with Camille, our former foster cat and now forever-cat. We loved being able to ‘test run’ her before adopting. Having had so many cats through ACR, we knew what sort of personality worked best for our lifestyle, and we got exactly that!

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