Happy Tails: Charlie

Charlie’s story begins in a small town called Tweed, which is located 2.5 hours North East of Toronto.

Charlie’s mom, Mrs. Robinson, was hit by a car and was found on the side of the road. Thankfully, the people that found her rescued and cared for her. Her caregivers realized she had babies and went looking for her litter. They found Charlie and his two sisters, Gretchen and Greta. Mom and kittens all looked exactly alike, with short smokey grey hair, so the kittens were referred to as The Greylings. Mrs. Robinson recovered and is currently living happily with the people who rescued her, along with Greta.

Soon after the rescue, Carol Hroncek stepped in to foster Charlie and Gretchen; they were seven months old. She fondly describes Charlie’s personality as incredibly affectionate, playful, and rambunctious.

Carol remembers Charlie’s initial reaction when she took him home. “He hid under/behind my drawers and would not come out when I walked in the room. I just couldn’t believe how terrified he originally was.”

Things soon changed, as Carol recalls, “After 2 weeks he finally started to come out from behind the drawers when I walked in the room, he started to play coy and slowly come to sniff me. But I still couldn’t touch him. Then, a week later it was as if he suddenly decided I was good enough and he flipped his ‘love switch’ to ‘on’ and became my best friend. From that moment on he could not get enough attention from me.“

Charlie’s love switch didn’t just turn on for Carol, “He also fell deeply in love with my cats – he wanted to be best friends with all of them. I’ve never seen a cat so desperate to be friends with other cats! He cuddled up to each of them endlessly – it was an absolute riot finding him in various forms of snuggling with a different cat every day!”

Charlie was soon adopted by Carla Parslow and her husband Manish. She reminisces, “We had one cat, but she was young and we thought that it would be best if she had another mate to socialize with. Plus, we like cats and thought one more would help us complete our family.”

Happy Tails: Charlie

When asked what made Charlie stand out to them, Carla states, “It is really quite simple. There is a grey male cat on our block that is very personable and we adore him. We called this cat Mr. Mayor because he always came out to greet us as we walked down the street. So, we were looking for a grey male cat just like our neighbourhood cat. We had already decided that should we find a male cat that we like and that likes us, we would name him Charlie. Lo and behold, the first cat we saw on the Annex Cat Rescue site was our very own Charlie. That was it; we knew that he would be in our family.”

Charlie was shy when he first arrived, but Carla and Manish were assured by Carol, whom they were in constant contact with, that he would come out of his shell.  Sure enough, after a few weeks the love switch turned on.  They all agreed that Charlie was just a very sensitive, gentle soul who needed time to adapt to new situations.

Happy Tails: Charlie

Some cute Charlie quirks, Carla reveals, with some input from Manish, “Curious springs to mind or tinkerer by trade. Fascinated by all things shiny, those which roll, and those we tell him to stay away from. (He) can spend minutes batting at one until distracted by another. Keeps himself amused by playing by himself, especially when the other cat wants nothing to do with him.”

— Theresa Ogurian

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