Happy Tails: Jinxie

Superstition #52: If a black cat crosses your path, it is an omen of misfortune or a jinx.

I think that it is time to lay this superstition to rest. It is especially untrue in the case of the following adoption success story about a very special cat named Jinxie.

Jinxie and friend

In the summer of 2014, Jennifer Riley learned about two cats that were being put down. Pete passed away (of natural causes), but Jennifer managed to rescue his sister Jinxie and brought her home.

Jinxie was very overweight. She also experienced rare bouts of epilepsy but the drugs that she took made her confused and disoriented. Jennifer consulted with a vet, who suggested taking Jinxie off her medication. The result: great improvement in her motor skills and mood.

During her stay with the Rileys, Jinxie received a ton of TLC from Jennifer and her husband. At first, Jinxie was standoffish; Jennifer speculates that this was due to the fact that Jinxie was declawed and had lost a sense of protection, but within a week or two, Jinxie came out of her shell and began interacting with her foster parents and their other cat.

Jennifer remembers Jinxie as a very vocal kitty. Jinxie would respond to human speak by meowing back. She is also a great jumper, despite her weight. And although Jinxie does not live with Jennifer anymore, she has left behind a permanent indent in Jennifer’s sofa.

In November of that year, Katie Gibson was scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed when she came across pictures of Jinxie. Immediately, Katie could tell that Jinxie possessed an amazing and fun personality. There didn’t seem to be any hesitation in her adoption.

Currently, Jinxie is very comfortable in her new home. She enjoys being close and cuddly with her new owners and has earned herself plenty of stroking. To help with her weight loss, Katie has Jinxie on a reduced calorie diet. When I spoke to Katie on the phone, she made no mention of any epileptic episodes.

Katie describes Jinxie as a “chill cat” who “does her own thing.” A peculiar yet adorable characteristic of Jinxie is that she sits like a human.


Both Katie and Jennifer are huge advocates for rescuing and adopting animals. “Jinxie didn’t have the profile of a cat that was going to be adopted quickly. She didn’t have a lot on paper. But it was so easy to incorporate her into our life”, Jennifer explained to me.

Hopefully more pet lovers, after reading our success stories, will consider adopting or fostering animals with special needs and give them the second chance that they deserve. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just good karma.

— Yin Cai

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