Who Are You Running/Walking For?

People are more likely to donate money to you if they know what it will be used for. We’ve chosen 5 cats who represent a wide-angled snapshot of the cats Annex Cat Rescue helps and the kind of expenses each has. Feel free to share these stories on your fundraising pages.

walk or run for Caramel


18 year old Caramel spent most of his life as a beloved indoor-outdoor cat of store owners in Kensington Market but found himself alone 3 years ago when his human caretakers fell ill and passed away. Neighbours brought him food, however he never got vet treatment for a broken pelvis and broken teeth when he was hit by a car several years ago. Recently he started showing side effects of several age-related conditions. When one of the neighbours contacted ACR, Caramel finally got the chance to retire inside and get the veterinary care that he needed. Caramel has early kidney failure and needs to have sub-cutaneous fluids administered several times per week to keep him from getting too dehydrated. He also needs a pill for hyperthyroidism. Annex Cat Rescue is fostering Caramel until we can find him a permanent palliative home.
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Tessa Annex cat rescue


Tessa lived in a Parkdale colony and was raising her kittens jointly with another mom.  After being trapped with 4 of the kittens, Tessa went in for her spay. While she was under anesthesia, the vet found Tessa had major dental problems. Half her teeth had fallen out already, the other half were bleeding. She had horrendous gingivitis and severe infection. Tessa had likely been in a lot of pain for some time. The vet removed all but 2 of her teeth (those 2 were still healthy). It was about the hardest dental he had ever done because all the roots from the teeth were completely cemented to her jaw bone. Now Tessa is recovering in an assessment home. After all she’s been through, we really hope she has a chance at a safe happy indoor life. Her kittens will be adopted out once they are old enough.
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run or walk for Buck


Buck aka “Big Daddy” lived in the Thistletown area for at least 4 years and is believed to have fathered many kittens. Buck was trapped, neutered and returned to his colony. Although he was friendly, there were no foster homes available to take him. Four days later, we believe he was hit by a car and one of his hind legs was badly injured. His caretakers rushed him to the vet where it was determined the best course of action was to amputate the leg. Buck will be monitored during recovery and receive some much-needed dental work before we start looking for a permanent home for him. Gentle and full of purrs, it remains a mystery how such a sweet soul came to live in a dumpster.
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Torbie Annex Cat Rescue


Torbie has lived her whole life outside in an area of east end Toronto that is plentiful with feral cats. We believe she is between 9-10 years old. She is one of many in her colony, but her beauty and feistiness set her apart from the others. Torbie also lets some of her ACR volunteer feeders pet her while she is eating — always a nice treat when a feral cat will trust you enough to allow you to feel her soft fur under your fingers.
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Elmo - Annex cat rescue


While our Chester Colony was being TNR’d in 2008, Elmo and his three siblings were the last litter of kittens born into the colony. Two of Elmo’s littermates now live indoors, thanks to ACR’s adoption program, but Elmo, the shy one, remains outside with his brother Bandit and three other cats. They are all fed daily by ACR volunteers.
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