Happy Tails: Arielle


Arielle, an adorable grey tortie who’s now about 2 years old, found her forever home with Linda in September 2014. “She’s a real personality, she loves to be the centre of attention,” Linda says. In this respect, Arielle is very different from Linda’s previous cat, who passed away a few years earlier at the end of a long and comfortable life with Linda. After taking the time she needed to grieve, Linda found herself ready to bring another feline friend into her life. “I’m glad I waited for the right cat and waited until I was ready. They are their own personalities, you can’t just replace them, it would be like having a stranger in your home,” she explains. She found Arielle on the ACR website and fell in love with her while watching a video of her playing. “She was so engaging when I saw her in action, I just couldn’t stop thinking about her!”

About their initial meeting, Anna – who fostered Arielle – recalls that “Linda seemed very kind! She was very eager to adopt a cat and took to Arielle very quickly. They were a great fit! I didn’t have Arielle for long enough to get very attached to her and was extremely happy to find a home for her.” These days, Arielle seems to know that she’s settled in her forever home. “It’s been a substantial amount of time and she knows she’s not going anywhere,” says Linda. She also tells us that when she had to go away overnight, Arielle was cared for by a pet sitter and that this experience reinforced not only that Linda will always come back, but also that Arielle will always be well cared for, even in Linda’s absence.

Arielle playing

Before Linda leaves for work in the morning, she has a daily play session with Arielle, “a very strong little cat who needs to play to expend her energy.” The rambunctious youngster loves her cat dancer toy, and performs a signature move when it’s put under the bed: she will come sliding out from under the bed on her back, like a mechanic coming out from under a car! She also loves to dive wherever the toy is hiding. “If I don’t put it in the right place,” Linda says, “she will keep on diving there until I do.” This is but one of the ways that Arielle is training Linda. She explains, “Arielle is not a lap cat, she doesn’t like to be picked up, but she does like to have her belly rubbed and the top of her head scratched. These things I’m learning as she’s training me.”

However, Arielle has some characteristics that were apparent right from the start. Even though her time with Arielle was short, Anna remembers that “Arielle was really friendly! It took her a few days to get used to her surroundings but after that she was friendly to everyone… she got along with everybody.” And Linda agrees that Arielle is very friendly with others, remarking that “she’ll walk right up to them as if to say, ‘hello, here I am & aren’t I special?’” Also, both Anna and Linda speak warmly of Arielle’s penchant for sleeping on their beds.

Arielle sleeping

Watching Arielle sleep upside-down with a paw over her eyes is particularly endearing. Linda loves the feeling of joy it brings her to watch Arielle “luxuriating in everything”: sleeping, playing, and stretching (especially the magnificent mid-walk stretch). Linda remarks on how grounding it is to watch cats be “so into themselves” – living in the moment, centred and self-assured – and says that Arielle has reconnected her to “the joyfulness of being alive” – a beautiful sentiment about a beautiful friendship.

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