Happy Tails: Jellybean (formerly Rambo)

“It was pretty clear that he just was not ‘Rambo’,” says Patrick Guyette of the grey tabby he rescued from an ACR adopt-a-thon on Valentine’s Day.

“He acts like a tough guy but he’s actually very loveable and sweet and silly – we figured with that tough guy exterior but being soft and squishy on the inside that he was really just like a jellybean.”

Happy Tails: Jellybean

While Jellybean was always a very curious, very brave cat – on adoption day, he only disappeared for half an hour before venturing out to explore the rest of his new forever home – he has become more affectionate and friendly since finding Patrick. He’s grown attached.

Aside from his classically handsome good looks, Patrick was drawn to Jellybean, in part because the description on his cage said that he wanted to be the only cat in the household, a request that suited Patrick perfectly because he is allergic to cats. And Patrick knew that Jellybean’s short hair would help with that, too. Perhaps most importantly though, at nine years old, Jellybean was a bit older than the other cats at the event.

“I figured it would be nice to give a cat that had previously had a nice home and then gone into foster care another chance,” Patrick says.

Happy Tails: Jellybean

According to Patrick, the secret to keeping his allergies in check is having a carpet-free apartment and regularly cleaning up the fur. Brushing Jellybean often is also a key part of the process, and bonding time is an added benefit. Of course, it helps that Jellybean is the kind of cat who really wants to hang out with and be around his human, but doesn’t necessarily want to be right in his face. All in all, it’s a great match for both Patrick and Jellybean.

“Jellybean is a very important part of my life,” Patrick says. “He’s a great cat.”

—Leslie Sinclair

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