National Feral Cat Day

What is National Feral Cat Day?

  • Alley Cat Allies launched National Feral Cat Day®  in 2001 to raise awareness about feral (also called community) cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return, and empower and mobilize the millions of compassionate people who care for them.
  • National Feral Cat Day® is observed on October 16 every year.
  • The theme for National Feral Cat Day® 2015 was “The Evolution of the Cat Revolution.”


Good news!
City commits $100K to reduce Toronto’s feral cat population

What are feral cats?
“Feral” cats are the free-roaming, wild offspring of domestic cats that have been abandoned or lost. Feral cats may have been wild for several generations and they tend to live in colonies throughout the city in back alleys, parks, garages or wherever they can find shelter and food.

Annex Cat Rescue believes that all cats deserve humane and compassionate care. Our feral colony care teams, including feeders and trappers, provide care to the feral cat colonies — feeding them, trapping them and arranging spaying/neutering. These volunteers also monitor colonies and arrange veterinary care for any injured or ill cats. Annex Cat Rescue has a strict no-kill policy and only euthanizes cats on purely compassionate grounds.

The Toronto Feral Cat Coalition
Annex Cat Rescue is an active member of the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition, where we work with

  • Toronto Animal Services
  • Toronto Humane Society
  • Toronto Feral Cat Project
  • Toronto Street Cats
  • Toronto Cat Rescue
  • Animal Alliance of Canada
  • Urban Cat Relief
  • the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

to compassionately address feral cat overpopulation in our city.

Three of the resources introduced through the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition are a network of free feral spay/neuter and vaccination clinics, the Toronto Feral Cat Recovery Centre, and the Trap-Neuter-Return workshop, which teaches members of the public how to care for feral cats and gives them access to the free spay/neuter clinics, recovery space, traps and cat food donations.

Some of our cats’ stories
Kitten rescue
TNR success story
Blogger Karen Kwan recently visited one of our feral colonies. Here’s her article.

What You Can Do to Help

Community Events
Annex Cat Rescue participated in events as part of the Toronto Feral Cat TNR Coalition. The Coalition had a table at St. Lawrence Market on Friday October 16, from 3 to 6 PM and Saturday October 17, from 9 AM to 3 PM. Over $500 was raised for the Coalition over two days; lots of good conversations about the plight of homeless cats and need to spay/neuter.

representatives from the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition
Photo:  Rosalynne is President of UCR/TFCP, Kim is on the Annex Cat rescue Board and Penny is the chair of the Feral cat Coalition and volunteer director with UCR/TFCP.

The Toronto Humane Society planned to complete 100 FREE Trap, Neuter, Return appointments for feral cats on October 16. These appointments were available by appointment only to registered colony caretakers for ‪‎Feral Cats‬ that will be returned to their colonies. Please visit the THS website for more information on their ‎TNR‬ services or how to become a registered colony caretaker to assist feral cats in your neighbourhood!

Crazy Legs

Photo courtesy Rondi Adamson.

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