Volunteer Profile: Elena H

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR?

I wanted to volunteer with an organization that shared my passion and values, so I went online and did some research. The Annex Cat Rescue stuck out, so I reached out and the rest is history!

How are you helping now? What volunteer position are you filling? What does your work involve?

I am the Thursday Adoption Screener/Facilitator. So for all inquiries that fall on Thursdays, I explain to potential adopters the standard procedure and try to answer any of their questions. I use email and phone calls to fulfill my tasks and keep my fellow volunteers in the loop. If I feel that they are a good match for a particular cat, I let the Foster Volunteer and Foster Coordinator know so that they can arrange a meet and greet.

Describe a real winning moment for you as an ACR volunteer.

On my very first shift, I had a whopping seven (7) inquiries for an adorable Ragdoll named Max. I knew other volunteers had received inquires for him too. But I had spoken with a potential adopter and realized that I was part of this magical process of them having a new furry family member! In a few days I had found out that that particular family was taking Max home, and I was confident that they were a purrfect match!

Belle and Figaro

Why do you think people should volunteer with ACR?

It’s self-fulfilling. There are so many ways to get involved – foster, make cat toys, feed feral colonies, etc. At the end of the day, you’re doing something that helps a rescue feline find its forever and loving home.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing that ACR does?

Giving cats a better chance at life.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering with ACR? What’s your “real” job?

My “real” job is actually job hunting! I volunteer for another (food-related) NFP organization.

Besides rescuing cats, what are some of your other hobbies?

Anything art related, travelling, walking around the city to explore new neighbourhoods.

Do you live with any ACR cats at the moment? Who and what is their back story?

Not at the moment.

What cat do you dedicate your volunteer work to and why?

My cats, Belle and Figaro. Belle and Figaro are a mother-son Siberian pair. Belle is a blue-eyed seal point, and Figgy got his grey tabby features from his dad.

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