Happy Tails: Augie & Edie (Formerly Tigger and Button)

Around Valentine’s Day of last year, Emmy was ready to open her heart to someone new after the passing of her previous cat. Her friends had experience adopting from Annex Cat Rescue and were pleased with the process, the people, and the animals. And so, Emmy went onto the organization’s website in search for a connection.

Initially in her mind, she was only looking for one cat, but her husband suggested that they get two so that each animal would have a companion. Emmy was open to the idea of a “bonded pair”, where the cats are raised together and should be adopted as so.

Happy Tails: Augie & Edie

Her search criteria had inevitably narrowed.

Emmy was scrolling through profiles endlessly trying to find the purrfect pair when she saw a picture of the most beautiful and most striking set of siblings. Brother Augie and sister Edie immediately caught her eye.

On a cold winter’s day, Emmy and her husband went to meet the cats in person. They noticed that the siblings had very different personalities. Augie was very trusting. He would roll over and expose his belly for rubs. Edie was timid and scared. However, both Emmy and her husband got a good feeling from their interactions and realized that a second date was not necessary.

When it’s right, it’s right.

Happy Tails: Augie & Edie

The couple brought the cats home the very next day. Right off the bat, Augie seemed comfortable and was walking around, sniffing things to get a feel for the place. Edie went under the couch frightened and Emmy did not see her until three days later. Not to worry, Edie is currently very happy living with her owners. All in all, it was matches made in heaven!

— Yin Cai

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