Happy Tails: Lynx

Lynx is a 4-year-old orange kitty who is missing a tail. Yet he was the perfect piece that completed both Fang and Camille’s lives.

It was Fang’s first time fostering. He was living alone and yearned for a furry companion. Plus, he was doing something good for charity so he figured that it was a win-win situation. Lynx was in Fang’s care for about a month prior to his first adoption by a family. Unfortunately, the family changed their minds about Lynx and so he moved back in with Fang.

Happy Tails Lynx

Fang recalls that Lynx was initially scared and quiet when he first met Fang, but quickly became very friendly and wanted to play with him all the time. Lynx’s favourite toy was the laser pointer and anything tied to the end of a string. Lynx enjoyed lounging around with his roommate/foster dad in their apartment and gained a bit of weight while he was there. However, that didn’t prevent Camille from falling in love with him.

Camille was looking for a male, ginger cat. Her previous pets were all rescue animals and so she got in contact with Annex Cat Rescue on the recommendation of a friend. When Camille brought Lynx home on the first night, it was a bit rough, but Lynx settled right in afterwards.

Lynx and his dog friend

Camille describes Lynx as a “super chill cat with a great personality”. During our conversation, Camille was telling me about how she never met a cat that was so calm and patient. Lynx is very patient with Camille’s little dog and they both enjoy cuddle time with their owner.

“I was pretty lucky that [Lynx] fit right in,” Camille reflects. “He is the most amazing cat ever!”

— Yin Cai

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