Happy Tails: Robbie

In the spring of 2012, Robbie “the Wanderer” was living on the streets with a colony. Despite his expeditions in the wild, Robbie possessed very good house manners. And this was important because he was soon to be embarking on a new adventure indoors.

Foster parent Emma and her boyfriend Jameel took Robbie in and fostered him for over a year. In that time, they grew to love him and consider him as part of their family. As a surprise for her boyfriend’s birthday, Emma decided to adopt Robbie. She wrapped a big giant red bow around Robbie’s neck and they both patiently waited for Jameel to walk in the front door that day to share the good news!

When Robbie first came to live with them, he was shy and reserved, but now, he is a very loving and affectionate cat. Emma informs me that Robbie has become more social and comfortable around guests too. She describes him as a “lap cat”; def. a cat that won’t hesitate to jump on a new friend’s lap.

Ask yourself, is your cat a “lap cat”?

Happy Tails - Robbie

Emma highly recommends fostering as a great precursor to adoption. It helps the pet owner to get to know the cat first and discover if there is a good fit.

Robbie is an impeccable fit for the couple, Emma and Jameel, as he brings so much happiness and love into their lives.

Congratulations Wanderer for finding a place to call home.

— Yin Cai and Emma Holland

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