Happy Tails: Peanut

Peanut’s story is one of those feel good stories that make the Annex Cat Rescue’s work worthwhile. Peanut was born to a colony and captured as a kitten with his sister Abby. The pair was seven months old when they were taken to an animal hospital, given their shots, and placed in foster homes.

Peanut ended up with Adriana, a first time fosterer with a cat of her own. Adriana was looking for volunteer opportunities online, and stumbled across ACR fostering postings on volunteertoronto.ca. After signing up and going through the screening process, Adriana was ready to begin fostering.

Happy Tails - Peanut

Peanut was her first assignment and he proved a perfect candidate for a first time foster. Staying with her only a few weeks, Peanut was very friendly from the get go, says Adriana. Peanut took to Adriana’s cat Millie as well, enjoying her company. However, Peanut’s presence caused a bit of jealously on Millie’s part, who was used to the sole attention of Adriana.

We often recommend that the foster process begins with the cat being isolated in a separate room, often a bathroom, until the cat gets used to the smell of his new environment. However, with Peanut’s young age and cheery disposition, Adriana’s attempts to isolate him proved unnecessary. Peanut was eager and willing to wander around the house, playing with Millie and exploring. Adrianna describes him as cuddly and energetic, jumping around all over the place.

happy tails peanut

Peanut was not with Adriana long. They spent a few weeks together before he found a permanent home, where he happily resides now. As Adriana will attest, fostering a cat like Peanut is a great way for volunteers to get involved in the community.

—Kathy Ribeiro

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