Happy Tails: Moo

How long can unrequited love last? For Susan Hilton, it turns out, it’s at least six months.

Three years ago Susan decided she was ready to welcome a cat into her life and after looking on the Annex Cat Rescue’s website, she fell in love with Moo, a black and white cat who got her name for her cow-like pattern.

Moo was a feral rescue by the ACR as a kitten and was being fostered by a pair of students.

“The girls she was with did an amazing job, so she was used to eating in a public space and she would come out to use the litter, but she still hid most of the time and would flee at any sudden movement,” Susan said.

And that’s the way it was for half a year. Susan and Moo shared a home, but for the most part they lived separate lives. Until a breakthrough.

Upon coming home one day, Moo was sprawled out on the bed. And when Susan laid down beside her, Moo stayed put.

“She adopted me,” Susan said. “It was the reverse. I didn’t adopt her, she adopted me.”

Happy Tails Moo

Since then Moo has been a different cat. She gave up her hiding spaces and now hardly leaves Susan’s side, following her into the office, into the kitchen, laying behind her on the couch as soon Susan sits down, always sharing her bed at night, and even vocalizing – “meow meow meow” – to tell her human friend when she wants something.

“And she purrs now, too,” Susan said. “When I first got her she never purred, she didn’t know how to purr, but now she has a very loud purr.”

There are even play dates with other cats in Susan’s building – and one special and unusual, acquaintance: “There’s one dog on my floor, and she just loves that Border Collie,” laughed Susan. “They’re just the best of buddies.”

Happy tails Moo

Susan wanted Moo’s story told because it showed that, with the help of organizations like the ACR and the volunteers and foster parents, even the most troubled cat can find happiness.

“Every cat deserves a chance,” she said. “Go to the website and you’ll surely find one that fits your needs.”

And just as Moo has found happiness with Susan, the feeling is mutual.

“It melts my heart, really,” said Susan, “because she’s very, very special, and I wouldn’t give her up for the world.”

— Edward Fraser

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