Happy Tails: Uma

It was clear that Uma was a special cat from the second Sarah and Jenna started talking about her.

Happy Tails - Uma

Uma was rescued as a kitten by ACR, so her disposition with humans has always been friendly and required very little work in terms of the typical process of assimilating feral cats.

Jenna, a seasoned fosterer, says Uma was one of her favorite fosters. “She was amazing – she walked in on day one and owned this place!” Jenna’s cats at the time, Randy and Odus had no trouble welcoming Uma into their home. Uma, at 7 months, was a baby compared to Jenna’s cats. She quickly took to grooming them like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Jenna has been fostering cats for years. When asked about the process and what she would recommend to a new foster parent, she spoke of the fear that many people have. Those with animals and children are particularly worried about the unpredictability of the process. “99% of the time, there are no problems with fostering cats and it’s very rewarding; it’s also a great way to test out owning a cat if you’re thinking of adopting.”

Jenna describes Uma as a true partner, and knew that she needed to be adopted into a home with other cats to be happy. So, it seemed only fitting that Uma ended up with Sarah.

Sarah had lost one of her cats a few months previous and her cat, Hugh, was clearly very lonely. When Sarah read Jenna’s description of Uma on the ACR website, talking about how friendly and snuggly she was, she knew she had to check her out.

Sarah spoke about what an easy transition it was to bring Uma home, and how Uma and Hugh instantly took to each other, sleeping together and keeping each other company constantly.

YUma and hugh and Uma and her boyfriends

Uma remains her vibrant and unique self. She lures her “neighbourhood boyfriends” to the window during the day and “chirps” instead of meowing to get her point across. Uma is also a huge lover of water. Having discovered a leaking faucet in one of the bathtubs, she loves to sit under it until she’s completely soaked.

Sarah recommends previous and new adopters to take their time when meeting a new cat, and make sure that they are a good fit for their home and other pets. Uma was the perfect fit for her new home and family.

Here she is wishing us all a happy holiday wearing her sparkly holiday dress!

Uma in her holiday dress

— Kathy Ribeiro

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