Happy Tails: Clyde

Clyde is Nicole’s first cat. Previously a dog owner and always a pet lover, she wanted a pet but a dog would have been too much with her schedule. The independent, casual attitude of most cats felt like a far better fit and would still provide all the companionship and company at home that she wanted.

Having heard of Annex Cat Rescue online, she started to look around the website at various cats.

Happy Tails Clyde

Clyde was a fluke – she just happened to see his cute picture. She wanted a friend for the long haul and since Clyde was young and sweet, she knew he would be around for many years.

Clyde’s background is unknown other than the fact that he was surrendered. Sadly, Clyde had been declawed both front and back. Nicole saw the adoption as an opportunity to give a home to a cat who had suffered this painful procedure.

Clyde is a super-friendly and well-adjusted cat – “like a dog”. He is always ready to greet Nicole when she comes through the door and he follows her everywhere once she’s inside. He likes to run into the bathroom with her and play with the bathtub. He is also partial to paper bags and loves exploring the laundry room. He’ll sit and cry at the door until he’s let in.

Happy Tails Clyde 2

Since she never owned a cat before, Clyde’s behaviour is especially fun for Nicole to watch and learn about. She laughs about how she is unsure if his traits are “cat things” or just “Clyde things”. He sleeps in her bed and is so sweet and lovely. She’s obsessed with him. With others, Clyde is friendly and social and is even okay with most dogs, as long as they are calm.

Nicole feels like she has really lucked out with Clyde and insists that adopting him was the best thing ever. He is cute and perfect and ever since he entered her life, she has been telling everyone about him!

–Risa de Rege

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