Happy Tails: Jasmine

When Amy moved to Toronto, she was looking for an opportunity where she could make a difference and got involved with Annex Cat Rescue. As a volunteer blog writer, she heard stories of older cats being passed over in favour of energetic kittens. Amy knew that when she was ready to adopt, she would want an older cat.

It was the description on ACR’s website that initially piqued Amy’s interest in Jasmine. Jasmine was described as having a quiet disposition and her story encouraged Amy to schedule a visit with Jasmine’s foster mom, Holly.

Happy tails - Jasmine 2

As her first foster cat, Jasmine provided Holly with fond memories, but she was not an easy guest at first. When Jasmine wasn’t hiding, she would fight with Holly’s resident cat. Previously a stray, Jasmine came to Annex Cat Rescue at about five years of age with a tear in her ear and thinning fur. Holly immediately put her on a diet of veterinarian grade food and enjoyed watching her transformation. Her magnificent grey fur fluffed back up to give her a healthy coat that framed her sparkling green eyes.

Jasmine started to bond with Holly as well. She would rub up against Holly’s leg and seek Holly out when she was relaxing on the couch for cuddle sessions.

In preparation to meet Jasmine, Amy was warned that she may hide when Amy comes over, but the visit exceeded all expectations. “I sat next to her in a small room and she came out of hiding and would purr when I pet her,” Amy said.

Amy returned a few days later with a carrier to take Jasmine to her new home. When Jasmine arrived at her forever home, she hid away for a week and would only come out at night. Since Amy was getting settled in her life in Toronto, she could relate to Jasmine’s need to find her place in her new home and gave Jasmine her space and time.

“Jasmine wants to be loved and she has a lot of love to give,” Amy said. In return, Amy was rewarded for her patience and her new feline friend started to come out of hiding. Jasmine wanted her thick coat to be brushed and she became quite vocal about her needs. “She would meow at me to let me know that she wanted to interact with me.”


Amy’s advice to anyone looking to adopt a cat is to give an older cat a chance. “Meet them, they might surprise you!” Amy is constantly being surprised by her companion. Since being adopted almost a year ago, Jasmine has come out of her shell and Amy has even seen her playful side – anything becomes a toy for Jasmine including string or paper balls. Most of the time, Jasmine still likes the quiet and craves affection. Each night, Amy cuddles with Jasmine in her bed, drifting off to sleep to the sound of her gentle purrs. “It is very sweet to see her so loyal and happy to have my companionship and love!”

— Jillian Kaster

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