Happy Tails: Keefer

Keefer is a very handsome and charismatic black cat who is approximately 3 years old. He was adopted in April of 2015.

Keefer’s journey to his forever home had some twists and turns. He was found on the street and rescued by the Toronto Humane Society. He was adopted by a family who later decided that they were unable to keep him. He was transferred to ACR and went into a foster home where he stayed for approximately 3 months.

When Keefer first arrived at his foster home, he was extremely shy. It took him a few weeks to adjust. During the day, he was invisible, but as soon as the lights were turned off, he would jump into bed with his foster parents and cuddle and rub up against their heads. After a while, Keefer became more brave and ventured out during the daytime and started to be even more affectionate and playful.

In his foster home, tennis balls and baseballs belonged on shelves, but most mornings, his foster parents would find the balls scattered throughout the house.

Keefer loved playing with cat grass as well, and toys. It was actually a video of him playing with a toy on a stick, jumping incredibly high, that won over his adopters.

shy Keefer

Keefer’s adopters arranged to meet him before making their decision, but Keefer decided to be shy that day and hid. Fortunately, his foster parents were able to tell such great stories about him and kept the adopters very interested. The adopters decided that he would be perfect for them, even though they weren’t able to meet him in person.

Keefer’s foster parents highly recommend fostering. “It’s incredibly rewarding. You get to meet and help many different cats. It’s especially great for people who move often, or know that they aren’t ready to adopt.” They acknowledge that the goodbye is always incredibly difficult, but fostering is so great that it’s worth the sad goodbyes, especially when you know the cat is going to a home where he will be loved unconditionally.

It took a little while for Keefer to get fully comfortable, but his owners say that “now, he owns the place.”


Keefer loves to play, especially when he’s had some catnip. He loves to run and jump and play with toys. He loves to bring his toys onto the bed while his owners are sleeping.

Keefer’s family fondly mention that he also likes to drink from glasses, sticking his head into them when they aren’t looking.

He also seems to know how to fetch, and will bring his leash to his owners, although he doesn’t actually like the leash.

His owners find that he is an incredibly well-behaved cat and has never hissed, bitten, or intentionally scratched anyone. He is careful to not use his claws when touching his owners. Even when he is playing, he seems to be careful not to scratch anyone. He even lets them trim his nails!

Speaking to Keefer’s owners, I hear the affection in their voices, and I know that he has found a home where he is deeply loved. They speak of no flaws, only of things that make them love him more and they find him more unique than any other cat they’ve met. They couldn’t be happier with him and I get a sense that Keefer feels the same way about them.

— Samantha Hodder

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