Happy Tails: Zac and Zoe

Zoe remains indifferent to all the affection Zac bestows upon her. But his loving sentiment goes undeterred despite her dismissal of all the licks and hugs she receives. “They are both very affectionate,” says Christina, their adoptive owner. When Zac sleeps, he always has to have one paw resting on her and/or Zoe when he is not in his bed – an empty fan box fitted with a fuzzy blanket. “He has always slept in a box.” An upgrade from the shoe box he appropriated as a kitten.


The tabby litter mates turn two this coming June. The pair was rescued from a cat colony by Annex Cat Rescue. Christina became aware of us through her employer who is an ACR volunteer. As she was unsure about adopting two cats together, Christina fostered Zac and Zoe while looking for a suitable home for them. The permanent home she did find was short-lived. After two weeks, Christina was advised that they weren’t wanted anymore. The adopters told her that they were jumping on the table and racing around everywhere! As any cat owner knows, this behaviour is typical of any young feline. Christina took them back and endeavoured to find another home. But her efforts proved fruitless and she decided to adopt them herself — a decision she doesn’t regret. “They make me happy everyday!” she exclaims.

Zoe, the runt of the litter, settled in with ease. But, Zac, although familiar with his surroundings, needed a little more time to adjust. He hid for two weeks emerging from his hiding spot to eat and to use the litter box when he felt safe. “They always used their litter box. There were never any accidents.”

As Zac has grown more accustomed to the safety and security of being part of a family, Christina has observed more of his personality. “He acts like a dog! And plays fetch!” Both Zoe and Zac love to be cuddled and “held like babies.” Zoe prefers to sleep out in the open near the couch on a towel. She also has a peculiar, physical quirk. Whenever, she gets excited, her tail vibrates.

Zac and Zoe have become a welcome addition to Christina’s home and have never displayed any aggression. But they are quite mischievous. When their curiosity sets them out of bounds, they know the word: No! And they only have to be told once. But most importantly, they understand the word: Treat. “They come running if you say it.” Both prefer a calm atmosphere as opposed to children with high energy. And like most felines, they hide if they aren’t interested in receiving attention.


To Christina’s surprise, fostering and adopting Zac and Zoe has brought a few revelations. If she had bought them from a pet store, she would have missed the opportunity of learning that animals “are in need everywhere.” She contends that Zac and Zoe have “added to her life” and have changed her for the better. It has also made her appreciate “the simpler things.” To Zac and Zoe it’s “a cuddle or a scratch on the chin.” They remind me “to be happy.” Her advice to anyone contemplating fostering and/or adopting a rescue animal is just “do it.” The experience will make a difference to your life. Zac and Zoe are the best cats she ever met!

— Gillian Semple

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