Happy Tails: Douglas

Douglas, now two years old, is nestled amongst a plethora of toys in his Cat Condo. He stretches to show off his soft, shiny tuxedo coat in classic black and white. Half a black moustache marks one side of his handsome face.


Douglas’ rags to riches story began when he was 11 months old. A missing tooth gave him a snaggletooth smile. A ripped ear was just another sign of a hard life on the streets.

However, his luck changed when he befriended an ACR Volunteer dispersing food in the colony. She found his overly affectionate nature surprising since feral cats tend to be skittish and shy around humans. His sweet craving for love opened her heart and the door to a better life for him.

Stephanie fell in love with Douglas after reading his profile on the ACR website. She was adamant about not purchasing a cat from a breeder. “I wasn’t searching for the perfect cat!”

Impressed by the details of his history and temperament, she was confident that Douglas would be a great addition to her family. Although her mind was made up, Stephanie respected ACR’s mandate to wait a week before the official adoption.

“A pet can change your life.” It was a responsibility that Stephanie wasn’t taking lightly.

Douglas settled in the first night without any issues. He explored every inch of the condo that Stephanie shares with her fiancé. They both knew that he approved of his new family when he took turns curling up on their laps.

In true cat style, Douglas ignored the newly purchased comfy cat bed and preferred to sit in shipping boxes from Amazon.

Douglas and the Amazon box

His curiosity with water added to his cuteness. Douglas will sit on the edge of the tub transfixed and fascinated with swirling water down a drain in the shower or water gushing from a tap into the sink.

Douglas and his new family

Stephanie and her fiancé can’t imagine their lives without Douglas. His lively mix of playfulness and need for cuddles chase their workday blues away. His humorous antics make them feel relaxed.

“Douglas is outrageously spoiled! There are so many cat toys!” Stephanie exclaims,

“We often wake up to him sitting on our chests purring and begging for head rubs.” They are still smitten with him despite these early wakeup calls.

“Do your research,” Stephanie advises. “It paid off for us.”

The happy trio frequently play their favourite game of hide and seek. Douglas grew up playing the same game in the cat colony to survive. Today, he’s playing with his humans.

“We really couldn’t imagine our lives without our sweet little Douglas!” Stephanie gushes. “We always take comfort in knowing that we gave him a better life and a loving home.”

–Gillian Semple

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