Happy Tails: Cannonball and Lady Day

Lady Day and Cannonball, at ages 14 and 15, were lucky to find their fur-ever home. It’s rare for a pair of senior cats to be adopted together.

Cannonball and Lady Day

Elaine and Jean’s desire to adopt older cats led them to discover Annex Cat Rescue. Elaine didn’t want a cat to be home alone while the couple was at work. Nor did she want to be overwhelmed by the youthful energy of kittens. She knew how demanding her neighbour’s four year old feline could be from when she was the cat sitter. “I must have played with her for an hour and she was nowhere near tired,” Elaine said.

After seeing the “super adorable” photos of Lady Day and Cannonball on the ACR website, they both became smitten with the siblings. “They were so cute!” Elaine gushed, recounting their first meeting with the pair at David’s home.

David, the cats’ foster dad, had kindly taken them in when the siblings’ owner suddenly passed away.

During Elaine and Jean’s visit, Lady Day remained hidden. It would take her several weeks to adjust to her new home with her new owners. Over the next few months, the couple would find her hiding in the oddest places. Cannonball, on the other hand, happily lapped up all the attention that they extended to him.

“The thought of being able to give two cats a few more years to bask in the sun made us smile.”

Adopting a pair of senior cats with docile personalities complemented the couple’s lifestyle and Elaine’s first-time experience as a cat owner.

“However, there are drawbacks to owning older pets,” Elaine explained. “There’s a higher chance you might have to take them to the vet [more often]. And you may not get to spend as much time as you’d like with them.”


Ten months after the pair’s adoption, Cannonball developed breathing problems. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to be euthanized.

“We were devastated, but we had a great year with Cannonball!” Elaine fondly remembers how he enjoyed snuggling right up to her to fall asleep. He also loved to show off how far he could stretch lying on your lap. “It’s something I’ll always cherish.”

Lady Day

Lady Day has adjusted to life without her brother. The two were inseparable. However, Elaine is amazed at how Lady Day has come to accept the couple as part of her family. It took her a while but she knows that she is home. “She’s one of us,” Elaine added.

Despite Elaine’s initial trepidation about owning cats, she can’t imagine not having the love and affection of Lady Day in her life.

“She has been an excellent addition to our home.” Although she is not an energetic kitten, Lady Day does not let her age define her. She is super affectionate and always wants a ton of cuddles.

Elaine and Jean are certain that Lady Day will outlive them. “Who knew spoiling old cats rotten was such fun?”

— Gillian Semple

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