Happy Tails: Sylvester

Five years ago, Catherine decided to be a foster parent. Over the years, her experience fostering has varied greatly. The longest period that an animal was in her care was over a year and the shortest, a couple of weeks. She has been in many different situations – it all depends on the cat and its circumstances. Regardless of any adversity that she might face, being a foster parent is one of her favourite things to do. It is a great way to keep cats constantly coming in and out of her life while helping them at the same time. “[It’s] the best thing ever!”


Partially blind Sylvester was found with his front paws declawed. His date of birth was unknown, but he was an adult cat. Likely, he was someone’s pet at one point.

Post-rescue, Sylvester spent some time with another foster parent who then had to give him up. That’s when Catherine stepped in.

From the start, she found him to be a “funny” cat with a huge personality. He was very chirpy and vocal. Like most cats, Sylvester loved scratches and naps. It warmed Catherine’s heart to see him completely relaxed, all splayed out taking up as much space as possible. Despite his partial blindness, Sylvester is a very healthy and playful cat who likes his toys very much.

Sylvester playing

To Catherine, being involved with cat rescues is extremely rewarding. Having so many wonderful stories to tell other people is just the cherry on top of the sundae. She is always encouraging her friends to foster.

Catherine strongly advises potential adopters to speak to the cat’s foster parents and visit the cats in their foster homes before adopting. These are valuable additions to the rescue process.

We are happy to report that Sylvester was adopted in October of 2014!

–Risa de Rege

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