Happy Tail: Antoine

“Antoine was one of those cats that you don’t forget,” says Catherine, who has been fostering for Annex Cat Rescue for about five years.

An asymmetrical white strip runs down Antoine’s otherwise grey face and wide expressive eyes reflect his big personality. “I kept his original name; it just seemed to suit him,” says Robyn Jensen.


Robyn, who previously owned pure breeds, hadn’t had a cat for about three years and found that she missed the company. This time, she decided to go with a rescue organization rather than a breeder because she wasn’t looking for a particular style of cat but rather just a great personality. During her first call with ACR, the volunteer she spoke with thought she knew a cat who was a match for Robyn – he wasn’t even on the website yet.

For Robyn, it was love at first sight.

“I think it was for him too,” she says. Antoine found his forever home with Robyn in March 2015.


Antoine was a surrender and in rough shape when he made his way to ACR. He needed ongoing veterinary care. Clinic staff were always excited to see laid back Antoine arrive for his monthly visits. Catherine recalls that after the vet gave Antoine his check-up, he’d say, “I’m just going to take him around to everyone so they can see him – they missed him so much!” Antoine was happy to spread the love.

True to form, it took Antoine little time to adjust when Robyn brought him home. Surprisingly, Antoine doesn’t really like toys.

“Over the last year, I’ve tried buying him many different toys, but he just doesn’t really like playing with anything.”

Happy Tail: Antoine

However, what Antoine lacks in playfulness he makes up in curiosity, an attribute that led Robyn to start taking him to visit friends. “He’s so easy going that he never runs or hides when meeting people for the first time,” she says.

The pair has even gone on a road trip together! Robyn kept Antoine in a crate while driving and took plenty of breaks so that he could stretch his legs. Upon their arrival in Ohio, Antoine quickly adjusted to his new environment and revelled in the attention – even from two and four-year-old children – an age that many cats prefer to shy away from.

“I’ve never met a more mellow cat,” says Robyn.”I couldn’t be happier with him!”

— Leslie Sinclair

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