Happy Tail: Stella (Formerly Girlie)

Dr. Vlad of the Yonge-Davenport Pet Hospital first met Girlie when her owners brought her in because she was suffering from severe gingivitis. Although she recovered quickly with antibiotics, Girlie was soon back to see Dr. Vlad as her teeth and gums were in terrible shape. Four canines and a molar were removed but Girlie still needed a second dental.

Her owners balked at further cat care. The female owner loved the cat, her partner did not. The cat did not like him, he said. Girlie hated being in the car for the weekend trips that the couple took. She refused to go in a cat carrier, and would climb all over the car, panic-stricken.

Dr. Vlad suggested surrendering Girlie to Annex Cat Rescue and her owners agreed. ACR took in Girlie and paid for the second dental. After her recovery, Girlie spent three months at the clinic, having the run of the third floor all to herself.

Happy tails Girlie

With her teeth gone, Girlie is quiet, does not meow nor hiss, but lets you know what she wants through birdlike chirps. While she shuns head rubs, she will demand belly and bum rubs over and over again.

“She is the sweetest cat ever” said Dr. Vlad, “I do not see how anybody could not love this cat.” “She loves all people, dogs, and cats.”

Happy tails Girlie and friend

After the third month of ruling the third floor of the clinic, Girlie was adopted. Her current owner, tells us “Girlie (who we have renamed Stella) is settling in very well. She and my other cat Jules have become fast friends and she is slowly adapting to the overly friendly dogs. She spends most of the day sleeping on my bed in the sunshine on any clean piles of laundry she can find. We love her so much and are so glad she found a home with us!”

No word on whether Stella has meowed yet but nonetheless, it is very happy ending for “the sweetest cat ever” with the quiet disposition.

— Natasha Charles

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