Happy Tails: Somersault

Can you guess how Catherine the Great Somersault got her name? Chances are you’ve guessed right! It’s because she would do tricks and somersaults around the feet of the Annex Cat Rescue volunteer who came to feed her feral cat colony. Her active personality, in spite of her slightly crooked walk, caught the attention of the volunteer, who eventually decided to adopt this lovely,miniature black panther.

Born on the streets, Somersault had a rough start to life, fighting to survive for 7 years as a feral cat. Nonetheless she took a liking to her volunteer feeder Minh, coming close to Minh’s feet to perform tricks, and looking up with a bit of trust in her dark blue eyes. This convinced Minh that Somersault was looking for a warm, loving home, and she was happy to provide it.

At first Somersault had a tough time adjusting to house life. She hid in the kitchen for the first two months, wary of both her human family and her cat sister, Cassie. Eventually she realized that she was in a safe place, and started to come out of her shell. That was four years ago.

Now she’s a full-fledged member of the family! She and Cassie do everything together, including sleeping together in their giant cat bed, and sitting side-by- side for hours while staring out the window at the birds and squirrels going by. She even gets along with her canine brother.

While she’s not one to cuddle on a human’s lap, she does have her morning and afternoon routines: twice a day she makes her way in to the kitchen and waits patiently for Minh to hand her treats.She also gets special treats twice a year, including ones wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree in December!

Feral cats all have a little bit of baggage, and Somersault’s comes in the form of a funny habit: at 10:20 every night, she meows about 10 times. Minh and her family still can’t figure out the reasons behind this, but they say it’s part of what make her such an interesting and endearing cat!

Happy Tails: Somersault

Minh says that adopting a feral cat can be challenging, but is worthwhile in the end, because you’re saving a soul from a life on the street. Feral cats might need a little extra time to adjust to your household, but once they do, they can be great members of your family. She especially encourages people to adopt black cats like Somersault because they’re often overlooked.

— Stacia Sahi


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