Happy Tails: Charlie and Pixel (formerly Galla)

Fiona and Stephen were destined to take on a cat… or two. The couple had been searching for a pet since losing their beloved cat. Last November at an Annex Cat Rescue Adopt-a-thon, their heartbreak eased with the adoption of Charlie and Pixel.

Charlie and Pixel

At the PetSmart where the Adopt-a-thon was being held, Fiona and Stephen were immediately drawn to Charlie. Fiona recalls that “[Charlie] was clearly shaken up by the unfamiliar environment.” However, once she was taken to a quieter area of the store, Charlie’s personality emerged and the couple were smitten.

The story could have stopped there, but fatefully, an ACR Volunteer advised them that Pixel, Charlie’s kitten, was also up for adoption. Within an hour, the couple welcomed two new family members.

“I’m a strong believer in rescuing cats in need,” says Fiona. Fiona doesn’t support pet stores who monetize the breeding and selling of animals when shelters are full. She is also dubious of where breeders and pet stores get their animals. ”I don’t want to be funding kitten mills,” she emphasizes.

Charlie and Pixel settled into their new home fairly easily. Charlie was timid and hid for a few days while Pixel explored “every nook and cranny and wanted to be best friends with everybody”.

After a few days, Charlie’s initial timidity with her new surroundings dissipated. Unbeknownst to the family, Charlie was the one who quickly assumed the position of “Ruler”.

“She thinks she is the boss of the house! And very vocal.” However, Charlie is also secretly anxious, Fiona suspects. Every half hour she’ll check on the whereabouts of all the family members in the house.

Charlie with her toys

Fiona says that Charlie is “gifted” with “natural acrobatic ability”. “She can do back flips through the air to catch a wand toy!” She loves her toys and will drag her favourites right to you. “Sometimes I’ll wake up and find a pile of toys outside my door.” This is a sign of Charlie’s displeasure of being ignored. “She certainly isn’t shy!” Fiona laughs.


Pixel, on the other hand is laid back and relaxed. She is happy to laze around and watch the world go by. Pixel finds comfort in the strangest positions. She’ll lie on the stairs draped down over two steps like a slinky or sleep on her back with her paws straight up in the air. She is also a very sound sleeper. Picking her up won’t wake her. Most importantly, Pixel is a very compassionate kitten who comforts Fiona when she has insomnia or if she is distressed over a problem.

Charlie and Pixel at the time of their adoption were 1.5 years and 13 weeks old, respectively. Since their adoption, they have brought “life to the house” and greet the couple at the door. They also keep Fiona company at night. “I’m a bit of night owl. They’re two of my best friends and I love them dearly.” Fiona declares.

Fiona and Stephen have long been supporters of Annex Cat Rescue. “I love what ACR does to both re-home rescue cats and control feral colonies,” says Fiona, “I do my part to take in foster cats.”

She advises anyone to “take two”, and most importantly, adopt grown cats when adopting shelter cats. “They have just as much love to give as a kitten would.”

–Gillian Semple

Charlie and Pixie have their very own Instagram account. You can follow them at https://www.instagram.com/charlieandpixel/

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