Can you help us help Tiger enjoy a pain-free life?

Tiger's eye was glued shut from infection
Tiger, a gentle, hard-luck 11-year-old cat recently rescued from the street, urgently needs an eye operation to live pain-free.

Tiger landed on Annex Cat Rescue’s radar when he began turning up for food at one of our downtown colonies. It was immediately clear something was wrong; Tiger had severe discharge from one of his eyes. An ACR volunteer brought him to one of our vet partner clinics.

The diagnosis was startling. According to the vet, the ‘intraocular pressure’ gauged in Tiger’s eye was 87. Normal is 25. Based on that, the vet surmised Tiger had no vision in the eye, saying the best course of action was removal.

The estimated cost is $1,500 which covers both an ultrasound and surgery. Sweet Tiger will also need extensive dental work on his path to complete recovery but our focus now is Tiger’s eye.

Tiger being examined

Despite these many hardships, Tiger has been a champ, snuggling with his foster mom and her friends who come to visit him. He loves attention and purrs up a storm. It is our hope that we can help Tiger live out the rest of his days comfortably.

Can you help us help Tiger enjoy a pain-free life?

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Photo credits: Top – Katie Woodcock, Middle – James Beaton

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