Happy Tail: Boo (formerly Butterscotch)

How do you turn a dog person into a cat person? With the perfect rescue cat… who may think she’s a dog.

Boo and one of his buddies

That’s all it took for Sair, who brought Boo into her life after an unfortunate beginning for the young cat.

Sair’s friend Cynthia was fostering three young sibling kittens for the Annex Cat Rescue back in 2012. Sadly one of the cats passed away due to pre-existing health problems, while Boo’s sister, Marble, was adopted (and eventually returned and adopted by Cynthia herself). That left Sair, who had dogs throughout her life but never a cat, with a life-altering question: could she take a new furry friend into her home? The decision didn’t take long.

“I had fallen in love with Boo, so I thought, ‘What the hell, let’s just do it.’” Sair said with a laugh.

Sair already had two dogs at home, but any worries over family in-fighting were quickly put to rest.

Happy Tails Boo as baby

“I have two hound dogs and they were obsessed with her right from the start, and Boo wasn’t scared of them because she was so young, just a tiny little thing.” Sair said. “And my parents have this massive husky mix. And Boo just thought these giant dogs were the greatest things ever, and to this day she loves her big brothers.”

“I’m not sure Boo knows she’s a cat. I think she thinks she’s a dog because she’s spent her whole life around them.”

Perhaps not surprising then, Boo is energetic and playful, but she also plays the role of lap cat, even if there’s a little space in-between.

“She’s on my lap the second I sit down,” said Sair, “and if one of the dogs is lying across my lap, she’ll just lay on top of the dog.”

Happy tails Boo

And while Sair gave Boo a second chance by adopting her, Boo also provided a reset of sorts for Sair, one for which she will always be grateful.

“I got her at a time in my life when I wasn’t sure where I was going,” Sair said, “and she was just this wonderful new beginning and this beautiful ball of love, and she’s never stopped being that way. She’s just the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met… it’s really wonderful to come home and have two dogs and a cat just waiting to see you.”

— Edward Fraser

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