Happy Tail: Camille

Oftentimes foster families end up adopting the very same cats who come into their home for temporary shelter. Jeff and his partner Laura had managed to avoid this tendency – until Camille came into their home, that is!

At seven years old, Camille had already experienced an extended stay in a Quebec shelter before coming into the care of Jeff and Laura. She came to them with a respiratory infection and with a little bit of an attitude as well.

Happy Tail Camille

However, once she recovered from her illness, Jeff and Laura discovered that Camille really had a gentle demeanour. This made her a good candidate for the next Annex Cat Rescue adopt-a-thon.

When the time came, Jeff and Laura walked Camille over to the adopt-a-thon. They discussed the fact that they might never see her again, which upset them both. They’d never become as attached to a foster cat before as they had with Camille.

Camille must have felt the same way because she was very unhappy at being in a cage on display at the adopt-a-thon; so much so, in fact, that the event coordinator called Jeff after only an hour asking if he could take her home.

Jeff didn’t need to be asked twice! Taking it as fate, he and Laura adopted Camille and made her part of their own forever family.

Camille is loved by her cat parents

Camille loves being able to rule the roost in her permanent home! A long-haired cat, she loves being brushed, and will jump right up on Jeff’s lap as soon as she sees her hairbrush being brought out. She also loves playing with ribbons, running after a thrown ball, and playing ‘roly poly’ – lying on her back and rolling from side to side. For an eight year-old cat, she can act like quite the kitten when she wants to.

Jeff and Laura know that they made the right decision in deciding to adopt Camille. Their advice to others is to remember that rescued cats need a bit of time to open up and show you their true personalities. A cat who is timid around you when you’re still a stranger may become the most affectionate pet you’ve had once she gets get to know you!

— Stacia S.

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