Happy Tail: Jane

Jane is what we would call a happy cat. She cuddles with Margot, her adopter and life companion. They sleep and play together – Jane particularly adores crunchy balls. She also likes rolling over, exposing her underbelly, silently asking for Margot to rub it.

Jane rolling on her back

They both have a routine in the morning. After waking up, Margot first goes to the washroom to freshen up while Jane patiently waits outside. Then they both have breakfast together.

Jane is a shy little one. When Margot brings friends over, she keeps to herself. However, it does not take long before she becomes affectionate towards her guests, allowing herself to be admired, petted and even seeming to be doglike in her attitude.

Happy tail Jane

Jane is now 10 years old, but sadly her story was not always such a “Happy Tail” and could even have been mistaken for a completely different cat.

As recently as three years ago, Jane’s life drastically changed when her then-owner passed away, leaving her behind with her three siblings alone to fend for themselves. Toronto Animal Services was contacted by the property manager of the apartment and TAS in turn reached out to Jen who happily gave a temporary home to Jane and her brother, Wilson.

Jen is an important and active member of Annex Cat Rescue, having fostered more than 50 cats during her 7 years with us. Jane and Wilson were named after the intersection that they lived at, for their names were known only by their past owner.

After being fixed and getting the necessary vaccinations and care, they were brought to Jen’s home after the terrible ice storm in 2013 to a dark and cold house. Jen was anxious to make them feel comfortable and safe after all that they went through. Owning two other cats, Jen decided to accommodate Jane and Wilson in their own bedroom and frequently visited them trying to be reassuring.

After a week, Wilson quickly left the safety of the bedroom, becoming acquainted with the household and his new four-legged friends. In contrast, it took Jane six weeks to even start poking her nose into the hallway. During her time in the bedroom she hid on a shelf in the closet underneath a pile of folded towels and would only sneak out at night to feed and relieve herself.

Jen’s patience and love was rewarded five months later when Jane began to blossom and started trusting her. She quickly turned into an incredibly affectionate and vocal girl. Almost overnight she became accustomed to receiving head, back and chin scratches and the occasional belly rubs. She even started asking for more affection, giving soft head-butts when she felt she was not receiving enough. Her attitude completely metamorphosed from a terrified creature to a loveable companion.

Margot met Jane in fall 2014. Jen strongly believed that Margot and Jane were the perfect match. Margot had already adopted cats and after her latest one died of old age, she started looking for a cat in dire need of a loving home.

Jane ready to play

When Margot met Jane, Jane was not very responsive. After talking to Jen, Margot decided to give it a chance and it quickly became the best decision she made. It was not an easy switch and for the first couple of weeks, Jane kept to herself under Margot’s bed, only coming out when she was alone at home. She gradually started acknowledging her new family and has nicely acclimatized to her new environment. She is now very social and goes to the door when Margot comes back home, accepting her for all that she is.

Jane is a beautiful example of a family change gone right. Her success story gives hope to all the homeless cats not receiving the love that they need and deserve.

–Sarah Michel

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