Remembering Lilly…


Lilly, a loyal and food-loving dilute calico who lived in one of ACR’s east end colonies, died this week after being hit by a car. She was thought to be about eight years old.

Joanne, Lilly’s colony caretaker, remembers the cat as skittish but “very sweet” and “usually waiting for me in front of my house early in the morning when the first feeding of the day took place.” Lilly was one of multiple cats TNR’d by Joanne and her husband but was never tame enough to be homed, despite the hopes of neighbour Karen, who also fed the cat and developed a strong affection for her.

Still, as Joanne recalls, “Lilly loved her food, and recently Karen said she would wrap herself around her legs when she was trying to put food down. This is the closest Lilly every got to anyone.” Karen also once generously paid a vet bill for Lilly who suffered from weepy eyes.

Joanne continues: “Once the weather cooled, as soon as Karen came home and parked her car in the driveway, without fail, Lilly hopped on the hood to enjoy the warmth of the heated engine.”

Lilly’s best bud in the colony was Atlas, an alpha male who recently underwent extensive dental work for bad teeth. “Lilly was often seen by his side, keeping him company and giving him comfort,” Joanne says. “She really was sweet.”

Lilly is thought to have followed Atlas farther afield as he sought food from other neighbours, possibly leading to her demise. “I will miss her very much,” Joanne says with a heavy heart.

Rest in peace, sweet Lilly.

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