Happy Tails: Maddison and Marshall

Marina, her husband and her younger son were thinking about adopting a cat.

Initially, they wanted to adopt one cat. They had heard that the ACR was a wonderful organization and went on our website to browse. They came across Maddison first, read her profile and thought that she might be a good fit for their family.

They visited Maddy at her foster mom’s home and there, they saw Marshall. The brother-sister duo was adorable together and Marina did not have the heart to separate the two of them. Marina’s older son, who lives in Ottawa, owns three cats. They thought they could handle two.

“If you get one, you might as well get two.”

Maddy and Marshall

Marina brought the pair home last January. At first, she kept them in their own separate room designated as “the cat room”. Slowly, Maddy and Marshall began exploring their new home. And they have transformed into active and opinionated members of the household.

How so?

“They have their own minds,” Marina explained to me over the phone. “Maddy is laid-back, a creature of comfort.” Like the lady she is, Maddy loves closets because she loves being with the shoes. She is a picky eater.


Both cats like their food prepared in a certain way. Marina’s response is that she cooks for them! She feeds Maddy and Marshall dry food but also makes recipes she gets from her vet. The duo is not a fan of canned food but loves Marina’s cooking.

If Marina or her family members do not keep an eye on Maddy, she will eat Marshall’s portion. “She is going to finish everything!”

happy-tail-marshallMarshall likes to walk around the home. He likes to know that his litter is clean and has a strict open door policy. He wants every door including all the closets in the house to be open. Marina and her family abides (except they keep their front door and the basement door closed). If a door is not open, Marshall will knock on the door!

Sister and brother share a cat-condo but otherwise are not into climbing. Marina believes that this is a good trait since they are not destructive. This past Christmas, Marina and her family put up a nicely decorated tree and Maddy and Marshall quietly sat underneath it.

Maddy and Marshall

Marina’s family recently adopted a dog, Alia, whose foster mom also owned a cat. It was important to Marina that the dog she rescued got along well with cats.

Marina made sure that the meeting between her cats and dog happened at their own pace. Marina describes Alia as an incredibly gentle dog. Maddy and Marshall are quite curious about her as they’ve never had the experience to live with a doggie sister before. Often, Marina finds them venturing downstairs to take little glances at Alia.

Marina knows that it can take a few weeks for furry companions to get acquainted. She believes that it is completely doable to have a cat (or two) and adopt a dog or vice versa as long as the owner knows his or her pets and is familiar with the animals’ temperaments. “Be very patient for a few weeks before introducing the pets to each other,” Marina advises.

Maddy and Marshall are delightful and affectionate creatures that have entered Marina’s life. Marina urges anyone with the ability to share his or her home with other lovely animals in need of a home to do so.

“If you treat them with respect, feed them well, and make sure that they are healthy, then there is no reason to be unhappy.”

— Yin Cai

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