Happy Tails: Martha – Another Diamond in the Rough

“Martha is another diamond in the rough,” recalls Nancy, Martha’s adoptive mother. “She was very nervous when we brought her home. But she’s had a pretty hard life.”

Little Martha had been rescued from a cat hoarder three years ago. At the age of one, she had already had a litter but painful mastitis played a role in some of her kittens not surviving. Nancy was shocked at how a tiny thing like Martha could have nursed six kittens.

When Martha moved in, she was cautious around the family and hid until she felt more at ease.

“But she’s incredibly loving!” Nancy gushes.

Her lovely, deep, rumbling purr comes out when playing with her knitted mice. While Martha has a high pitched voice when flexed, she can also lie very quietly underfoot causing Nancy to trip over her many times.

Happy Tails: MarthaNancy marvels at Martha’s transformation from a scared and untrusting feline to being comfortable in her sleeping spot right by her humans at night.

Martha’s introduction to the family cat, Terra, was met with similar trepidation. Martha is a lover not a fighter feline. She often allows Terra to come out as victorious when she initiates a fight. However, on the rare occasion Martha does fight back. Nancy laughs, “She’s a scrappy fighter. It’s all fur and paws. But mostly Martha wants belly rubs.”

“All of our cats have been rescues,” Nancy remembers. However, this was their first time adopting with ACR. Annex Cat Rescue ran an event at a local pet store and Nancy went specifically to adopt a rescue cat.

“Homeless cats need a loving home,” Nancy emphasizes. “We have been blessed with adopting fantastic cats… with distinctive personalities that have all been loving additions to our family.”

Happy Tails: Martha with mouseNancy believes rescue cats are diamonds in the rough. She believes that the more time and effort you put into building a relationship the stronger the relationship will be.

“We have put in that time,” Nancy describes. Martha trusts her new family. “Martha knows she’s in her forever home.”

— Gillian Semple



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