Happy Tails: Mossy

Stefanie and Bernard were up for the challenge of welcoming a new member into their family and the experience has strengthened their relationship. “We were ready to adopt a pet and she’s brought us closer,” said Stefanie. Even though they both grew up with cats, going through the adoption process themselves would be a new endeavour.

In preparation they did a ton of research on adopting and felt ready to handle whatever challenges arose with the arrival of their new “furbaby”. When scanning cat profiles online, they came across a photo of a beautiful tortoiseshell cat with distinctive markings and a quirky personality to match. They fell in love with the cat named Mossy, who was described as a lover of fetching hair elastics and lounging in hammocks.


A visit to Mossy’s foster home cemented their feelings as she was exactly as described in the online posting. True to her quirky nature, Mossy came when called and played fetch. While Stefanie and Bernard answered questions, Mossy continued to endear herself to her potential adopters by sniffing and rubbing her face on them. As first time adopters, they were nervous about the process, but Annex Cat Rescue volunteers were available to answer all of their questions.

When Mossy came to live with them in December 2015, they were careful to slowly introduce her to her new home. They kept her in the living room until she was comfortable, which didn’t take long. She walked around and around the perimeter of the room and within a couple of hours, she was sticking her little nose out the door, ready to explore the rest of her new home at her own pace. “It was all pretty by the book,” said Stefanie.

Mossy in hammock

Over a year later, Mossy still loves her hair elastics and playing fetch. Since the adoption, the couple moved once and Mossy adapted right away. “She’s still the same Mossy,” said Stefanie.

Stefanie and Bernard have modified their routine to ensure that they spend as much time with her as possible. They also stay in touch with Mossy’s former family, sending them photos and updates, and they hope to have a visit sometime in the near future.

Mossy relaxing

Mossy is finding ways to interact and communicate with her “parents”. When they come home she runs to the door and starts “chatting” and happily scratches on her scratching post. She enjoys snuggling on the couch in the evening and playing alarm clock in the morning.

For Stefanie and Bernard there are no regrets. “Bringing her into our lives was the best decision ever.”

–Jillian Kaster

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