Happy Tail: Sidney

You never know how a little comment will change your life. Brian would not have guessed that the casual mentioning of getting a cat, five years ago, would set-off a chain reaction, bringing Sidney into his family. “A friend of mine had a girlfriend who worked in a dentist’s office and she had a patient that volunteered with ACR who got in touch with me,” says Brian.

Although Brian never heard  of Annex Cat Rescue before, he arranged to meet the volunteer’s two-year-old foster cat. “Once there, Sidney sort of took a liking to me and didn’t hide. He was already neutered and his shots were up to date, so I adopted him,” chuckled Brian. Sidney didn’t waste anytime either; once in his new home, he quickly settled in.

Happy Tails: Sidney

“I could have bought him a cat bed, but that would have been a waste of money, since Sidney sleeps on the bed with me every night,” claims Brian. Now, the two share a daily routine starting with Brian’s morning alarm. “He talks a lot in the morning and starts meowing to let me know it’s time for breakfast,” states Brian. After a hearty breakfast, Brian leaves for work and while he’s gone, he leaves the radio on for Sidney to ensure he doesn’t get lonely.

Later after a hard day’s work, they both unwind – of course only after Sidney is fed and he knows exactly when Brian is coming home. “I cycle to work a lot and as soon as I get off the elevator he can tell I’m close by from the sound of my bike!” Brian exclaims. Sidney, being the social butterfly that he is, always finds time to mingle between meals and nap time. “I let Sidney strut in the hallway. He’ll hang out and talk to the neighbours’ cats though the hallway doors,” says Brian.



Though the strong bond between Brian and Sidney seemed almost effortless from the start, Brian further mentions, “Cats need a lot of attention and care, and you can’t take them for granted. Each cat has a unique personality and what you might expect doesn’t always turn out that way!” So patience and understanding is vital – luckily for Sidney and Brian, they continue to understand each other perfectly!

— by Brianna Gare



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