Happy Tails: Camille

For Cathy, the highly enjoyable process of adopting lovely Camille through Annex Cat Rescue eight years ago was akin to using a matchmaker.

As Cathy explains, ACR weighed the needs of both parties – caregiver and cat – before making a recommendation. Though Cathy had adopted her previous cat Jamie through a shelter, she believes that relationship’s success was more a lucky break than thoughtfully considered pairing.
“ACR really got a sense of my lifestyle – and through the foster, had a sense of the cat – and it was a great way to match cat with household,” she says.


It was the February 2008 death of 14-year-old Jamie – Cathy’s first cat while living out on her own – that put her on the path toward Camille. “Jamie succumbed to heart disease. I adopted her from the Toronto Humane Society as a kitten. The last few months were very hard.”

About a year later in March 2009, Cathy felt it was time to bring a new fur baby into her world. “It’s just so great to have another living creature to come home to,” she says.

who doesn't love paper bags

Having previously had a kitten, Cathy – an arts blogger often out for long stretches – knew an older cat was likely a better candidate. Former street cat Camille was about two at the time of her adoption; Cathy kept Camille’s name because it seemed to fit.

“A former co-worker volunteered with ACR, so I headed to the website. There were a few cats that caught my eye and met my criteria. ACR guided me away from one cat that needed someone around more, and towards Camille, who was fostering with a professional stage manager and was used to being alone for periods of time. Also, she was best suited to be the sole animal in the household which was fine with me.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

“Camille loves to snuggle,” Cathy says of her now 10-year-old companion who she describes as still mischievous and kitten-like.

Camille loves her cat tree

“She loves hanging out on her cat tree, playing with her toys and even with found objects like synthetic corks or tags from the milk bags. And often when I am changing the bed, she hops up to ‘help’ me,” Cathy howls.

“She likes to eat and she loves the tuna water from the tin when I make a tuna sandwich. She loves to get brushed and she gets supervised walks in the hallway. I’m in a low-rise apartment building so when I’m doing laundry or coming back from collecting the mail she will scoot out into the hallway. She’s a little monkey and just so much fun.”

Sounds like a perfect match.

–Kim Hughes

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