Help cover Stubby’s dental bill

“One of our beloved colony cats, Stubby, hasn’t been eating well lately so he went to the vet [a few weeks ago] and as we suspected, he had dental issues. Four hours of surgery later (the teeth were fused to the bone from chronic inflammation!) he is now toothless and recovering. Stubby is one of my favourites, he showed up years ago with an injured tail and had to have it amputated. Anyone who has met him loves him, he is a timid cat but likes to be patted. Like all our ferals, he is senior, and the fact that they are all 10+ is a testament to all of us who feed every single day and that they can get vet care when needed. This visit is thanks to Annex Cat Rescue, but I know how much the bill would be, so if any Stubby fans could donate any amount I know it will be appreciated! Say it’s for Stubby, and please send him positive thoughts for healing!”
— Robin, ACR colony caretaker

Donate to ACR’s Tooth Fairy Fund
to help cover Stubby’s vet bill

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