Wilson the Bunz cat

Wilson was first brought to ACR’s attention by one of our social media volunteers when she noticed him in her Junction-area neighbourhood last month. The black and white cat appeared to have an upper respiratory infection and heavily matted fur. We decided to try to get him in for medical attention.

Wilson on the street

We were just starting to organize a feeding station for him to establish a structure for easier trapping when another community member posted a photo of Wilson – so named for the famously resilient basketball in the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away – in the Facebook Bunz Petz Zone group.

After coordinating efforts with her and other neighbours, one of our trappers successfully captured Wilson, who is now receiving care with one of our vet partners. So far, Wilson seems “tame” as opposed to “feral” so he will be moving to an ACR foster home after his vet examination and any needed immediate treatment.

Wilson getting treated at the vet

UPDATE: Our vet partner estimates Wilson is about 10 years old. He has a severe upper respiratory infection and he had 2 horribly infected ingrown nails on his right foot which must have been very painful. So far, Wilson has been shaved as his fur was so badly matted, treated for the URI and the claw(s) problem, de-fleaed, de-wormed, vaccinated and neutered. Wilson also has 2 broken teeth and will need further dental work in the near future. On Thursday morning, he left the clinic and went into an ACR foster home. We hope to post new photos shortly. Thank you to everyone who is rooting for Wilson!

Many people from the Bunz Petz Zone group have asked how they can help with Wilson’s vet bills. Thank you! Click here to donate to help Wilson

March 29 UPDATE: From Wilson’s foster mom… “Wilson has begun meowing at me at mealtime, telling me to hurry up and give him his wet food, which I’m super excited about! Also, I’ve been posting pictures and videos of Wilson with mini updates on my cat’s instagram page, calliethecalicokittycat, so feel free to check them out, I’ll try to post Wilson updates fairly often! :)”

Wilson feeling much better

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