Happy Tails: Theon and Piper

When Julie’s cat Gaia died, her companion Rupee struggled with the loss. Julie and her boyfriend thought that adopting another cat could be an essential part of Rupee’s recovery. That’s how Dusty (who is now called Theon) found his forever home.

“It was just beautiful,” Julie says. Theon and Rupee were in love; they groomed each other and often curled up together in little balls.

Sadly, Rupee succumbed to a heart condition. Theon, who had once had been wild and playful, became timid. He had been the baby, mothered by Rupee, but now he was alone. Because the strategy had worked in the past, Julie knew that finding a kitten to keep Theon company would help ease his profound distress.

Dusty before adoption

It had been simple to find Theon. In order to avoid any issues between the two cats, Julie was looking for a cat younger than Rupee and fell in love with Theon’s photo. But the search for Theon’s companion proved to be more of a challenge.

Julie had the same criteria this time around, but it was kitten season. The sheer number of adorable, adoptable kittens made the decision tough. She felt drawn to black kittens that reminded her of Rupee, and to tabbies that reminded her of Gaia. Eventually, Annex Cat Rescue introduced Julie and her boyfriend to a litter of ginger kittens. Later that night, they talked it over and although they each had different favourites, they agreed on Piper.

Piper and Theron

When Piper came home and the two cats began to warm to each other, Theon took on the mothering role he had previously enjoyed as the younger cat. More gentle with Piper than he had been with Rupee, Theon can often be found grooming his new bestie. He even lets her play with the toys – all but his special toy!

Piper, on the other hand, is transitioning through the phases of kittenhood, from utter infatuation with being close to her humans to ignoring them in favour of hanging out with Theon. Julie says Piper has now settled into a phase best described as, “Oh, you guys aren’t so bad, can you pet me?”

sharing the cat tree

Julie advocates strongly for adopting two cats. “Cats are independent,” she says, “but they seem to be in a better state when they have a like friend around them – even if they don’t hang out with each other all the time, they appreciate each other’s company.”

–Leslie Sinclair

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