Assessment Homes

Mr. Fuzz & Fuzzy

Assessment homes are the key to ACR’s success in bringing cats off the street. An assessment home is a temporary foster home where a homeless cat can be assessed to see how they fare indoors and what kind of a foster home is needed.

Yet, ACR does not have an adequate number of assessment homes.

Any ACR volunteer who is familiar with feral cats, has colony care experience and has done some fostering in the past, can volunteer as an assessment home.

There are cats in colonies right now who need to come off the street.  Mr. Fuzz and Fuzzy are two such cats living in a very dangerous and inhospitable construction zone — but we can’t rescue them because without an assessment home, we don’t have anywhere for them to go.

Please consider whether you can help Mr. Fuzz or Fuzzy, by opening up your home on a temporary basis. Their feeders report that they can get very close to Mr. Fuzz and Fuzzy which may indicate that it won’t take that long for them to become social.

After we trap them, the first stop will be the vet.

Apply to be an Assessment Home

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