Happy Tails: Moo Moo

Sweet Moo Moo was living on the cold streets of Toronto during the winter, holed up under a shed until he was eventually caught in a trap set by Annex Cat Rescue in March 2017.

According to his fosters Woosol and Mike, “We wanted a cat but weren’t sure about the long-term commitment right away, so we offered to foster a cat, to try it out.” Moo Moo’s rescuers thought he needed extra socialization since he was quick to use his claws and swat, but that didn’t deter this couple from welcoming Moo Moo into their home.

Moo Moo

Woosol thinks “he might be a Maine Coon mix, but he’s much smaller than a typical Maine Coon even though he’s around four years old.” Moo Moo’s long fur was all matted when he was rescued and needed to be shaved off. He arrived at his new foster home with a lion cut.

As soon as Moo Moo was released from the carrier, he darted over to Mike to sit in his lap. Woosol and Mike were expecting a cat who might swat sometimes, but much to their surprise, Woosol says “he wasn’t swatty at all, but was calm and cuddly.” It was love at first sight. A few months later, in June, they officially adopted Moo Moo and committed to giving him a forever home.

Moo Moo has a very hard life

Moo Moo is now a social butterfly. Sometimes cats don’t reveal their true nature until they are in a safe place. “He waits by the door for us to get home from work every day,” Woosol says. “He loves to make new friends whenever visitors come over.”

Moo Moo sleeps in Woosol and Mike’s bed every night and likes to bury himself under the blankets. His toughest choices these days are what toy to play with first. He’s a spoiled boy who loves treats and gets daily brushings to keep his beautiful coat soft and untangled.

Moo Moo all dressed up

Unlike most cats, Moo Moo hasn’t figured out how to meow. That doesn’t stop him from trying to communicate. Woosol explains that “he follows us around the house, chattering away and making strange vocalizations.”

We’re happy to report that this ‘foster failure’ has turned into an adoption success!

–Kate Kalcevich

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