Happy Tail: Charlotte

Sometimes timing is everything. An urgent Annex Cat Rescue foster request initially brought Charlotte and former foster mom Sarah together. “I’m looking for an affectionate, cuddly cat to foster,” Sarah told ACR. At that time, Charlotte had been staying at one of ACR’s partner vet clinics and was in need of a foster home. With her amazing temperament, ACR’s foster coordinator knew she would be a purrfect match for Sarah.

Charlotte adapted very quickly and very easily to indoor life. “She never tried to bolt outside,” says Sarah. An affectionate feline, she does prefer one-on-one time without other cats around. “She had a gentle nature, very light and docile.” A calico tabby mix, with a lovely apricot coat and unique markings, Charlotte is a real beauty inside and out. She earned the nickname “Ziggy” while staying with Sarah because she has a unique lightning bolt pattern on her forehead.


Timing soon intervened again and the foster relationship between Sarah and Charlotte ended up being short and sweet. Before a month was up, Charlotte found her furever home with Dilip.

Although Dilip was more of a dog person in the past, his son and daughter had long wanted him to adopt a cat. “They were after me for years to adopt,” Dilip says. The timing seemed just right when he retired last year. Dilip adopted Charlotte July 29, 2016 after a visit to Charlotte’s foster home. Charlotte was very friendly, very inquisitive and took a liking to Dilip right away! There was a mutual connection between Dilip and Charlotte from the start.


The transition to Dilip’s condo was also easy and natural. Having already adapted well to life indoors, Charlotte had a lot of opportunities for looking outside. “All the rooms of my condo have big windows — floor-to-ceiling windows,” says Dilip.

But gazing out of windows is not all that Charlotte enjoys. She also loves playtime. Her favourite toys are little birdies, balls, and toy mice. Dilip’s three-bedroom condo has lots of space for exercise and fun. “I have a long corridor inside my condo and she runs at fast speed to catch toy birds that make noise. She likes that the best. She sits at one end of the corridor in the condo and if I ignore her, she meows,” says Dilip.

When playtime is over and it’s time for bed, Charlotte usually retreats to her carrier.

charlotte in carrier

Choosing the right cat for your lifestyle is important. Putting that extra thought into what you are expecting and needing from your pet will go a long way towards a long and happy relationship.

“We get on very well together, I’m very happy,” says Dilip.

“My relationship with Dilip has been really nice. He’s kept in touch over the past year to check in and share news of Charlotte,” adds Sarah. “It’s been a very positive experience.”

— Nina Yanko

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